New Website Issues
  • chevron_rightI don't see all the website or things seem to be missing/messed up?
    Please do a F5 + CTRL button to force refresh your web browser.
  • chevron_rightIssue with Logging into the website after the move to new site?
    If you are having issues getting logged in as a member to the site, please do not re-register, please do a "Forgot Password" on the login screen first to receive an email on how to reset password and get logged in again.
    Is you still have issues after the "Forgot Password" please submit a contact us and choose the correct drop down.
  • chevron_rightPassword Issues
    If you are experiencing Password issues trying to log onto the website, please try to do a "Forget Password" to reset you password. If you do this and do not see the email within 24 hours please check your spam or junk emails as it may have been filtered into those locations. 
    If after completed this task and you still have any password issue please go to the "CONTACT US" page and do a contact us and choose the dropdown under "Choose One" and choose website access. Then explain your problem.
  • chevron_rightBrowser Issues
    If after doing a F5 + CTRL doesn't work, please clear out Browser Cookies, Cache, & Data!
    * Internet Explorer "Blue E looking icon" >Tools > Internet Options > Generals TAB > Delete button - follow checks and delete
    * Google Chrome "Colored Beach Ball looking icon" > click on 3 DOTS in upper right hand corner of browser > go to bottom click on "Advanced" then go down to "Clear Browsing Data" > on popup check cookies and Cached > then Clear Data button.
    * Fire Fox "Fox looking icon" > Click on 3 Lines in upper right hand corner of browser > go to "Options" > on left side click "Privacy & Security" > Cookies and Site data > Clear Data
    * Mobile device "Apple" > Settings > Safari > Bottom to Clear History and Website Data > follow prompts
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