Pathfinder Village Patrol/Park Office # 320-384-7985

After hours Emergency/Patrol # 320-364-3089

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Park Winter Hours: 
The Park Office is open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and closed on Sunday.
The Compactor hours are 11:00 AM - Noon; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
*Note: The Water is now shut off and the Firehouse is closed for the season.
Website Changes:
*NOTE: The Pathfinder Gazette is now under the members Section labeled PV Gazette
Pathfinder Village - St. Croix Owners Association, Inc. is a private owner’s association, dedicated to the excellence in the variety of activities for its owners, their guests and the other visitors; in maintaining a sound business operation; in encouraging respect for all people; and in fostering a positive relationship with our environment. This website was developed to serve as an informative resource for our owner’s and guests. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
                                                                                                                                                            Forum Email Setup
HOA Members Forum Subscription Information:
Dear Pathfinder Village HOA members,
The Forum on this Website is your source for all the information about the Association. You can receive real time updates by receiving an email as soon as information is posted.
For an email to be automatically sent you will need to active my subscriptions on the Forum.
To do this:
1. Go to the Forum,
2. Above all of the posts (on the right hand side) there is a link that says my subscription,
3. When you click that it gives you the choice of what topics you want to be notified about or you can click select all.
Please note - check your subscriptions occasionally if you want to receive notification for all posts. If a new line is added you will not receive the posts on that line unless you go back and click select all again.
If you have any questions or trouble accessing the Forum please contact the Administration Office.
Notice to the Membership of the Association The following procedures will be in place for all Board Meetings.
Board of Directors Meeting: You have a right, and the Board encourages your attendance at Board meetings which are open to all Association Members. We respectfully ask that you abide by your status as an observer so that the Board can conduct its business.
Open Forum: Members attending the meeting are encouraged to participate in the Open Forum by signing up on the Open Forum sign-in sheet next to the meeting attendance sign-in sheet, prior to the start of the meeting. Open forum is the time for Association Members to have a brief questions and answers segment with the Board of Directors. To ensure that anyone who would like to participate in Open Forum has the opportunity to speak, please be prepared, and do your best to keep your time to the 3 minute limit. This is a time for sharing questions, comments and concerns.
A. When you are called upon please approach the microphone.
B. For record keeping purposes, please state your name and lot number.
C. Please share your question, comment or concern.
Speaking out of turn, this includes “out of chair” discussions and disruptive side conversations, and outbursts from the Membership will not be allowed at the Association’s Board of Directors meeting. This is a professional meeting of the Association. Any Member not respecting the process will be asked to leave the meeting.
Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, January 26, 2023
@7:00 PM Via Zoom