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After hours Emergency/Patrol # 320-364-3089

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                                     -IMPORTANT INFORMATION-
Website will be down for server maintenance beginning at 8:30 am CST on Wednesday, February 8th for approximately 1 hour.
**Park Winter Hours**
The Park Office is open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and closed on Sunday.
The Compactor hours are 11:00 AM - Noon; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
*Note: The Water is shut off  for the season. Also The Firehouse along with The Opera House are both closed for the season. -The Depot is open.-
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                                             Congratulations to Jason Kuomoto and Amy Peters 
*** Board of Directors / Communications Committee Announcement ***
**Lot Owner Trees/Snow Advisory**
With the recent ice, snow and wind events at Pathfinder Village, the board has engaged certified tree service contractors to focus on trimming and/or removing dangerous trees within the common grounds of the park. All lot owners are encouraged to check their property for potential damage and/or risk of further damage to their personal property. There are many park models, trailers and buildings within the park that have trees threatening to fall or have already fallen on personal property and large amounts of snow and ice building up.
It is suggested to all lot owners to:
1 - Check your lot(s) for damage and/or risk of damage to personal property
2 - Reach out to your individual insurance companies for potential claims as appropriate
3 - Remove the snow, ice, branches and trees from your lot/personal property and engage a certified tree contractor if needed
If you choose to hire a contractor for tree service, the certified tree contractors at Pathfinder Village include:
Bernie Tocholke – (218) 341-8322
Warrior Tree Service – (507) 251-9223
Alliance Tree Care – (651) 335-9565
It will likely take several months for Pathfinder Village’s maintenance team and tree contractors to clean up the damage from these recent weather events. On behalf of the Board of Directors, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through the fallout from these unprecedented storms.
Published by the Communications Committee – 12/27/2022
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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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