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After hours Emergency/Patrol # 320-364-3089

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~Park Announcements~
Click on the two links below to learn about the Ninja Event that is happening 7/6 11am-6pm also Pre-Register below.
Step 1) Watch this YouTube video: Click Here for video
Step 2) Complete a waiver for your child by selecting "adult and child": Click Here for Waiver Forum

Anyone that needs stuff submitted for the weekender please email
(NO LATER THEN Tuesday's @ 5PM)

Please don't place your trash in the trash receptacles at any of the bath houses due to attracting the bears, etc.

Pathfinder Safety Class

**To see Power Outages in our area**

**HOA Online Payment System**
  • The HOA new portal is up, and it is under the Members side of the website under Online Payments. There is a link to the portal to pay for electric and your Dues there are also instructions there as well on how to use the new portal.

~ ATTENTION Pathfinder Lot Owners! ~
Update on 50th Anniversary Pulled Pork Dinner and Pick-Up of Tickets

Our final head count for the 50th Anniversary Pulled Pork Dinner is 2200!  Three and A Half Men Catering out of Now Then, MN will be providing our meal. 2200 individuals are a lot of people to serve and requires much planning by the Advisory Council and our Caterer.
There will be 5 seating times to accommodate the number of people with reservations and available seating for the dinner on Saturday, July 20th.  Seating times to choose from are as listed:
2:30 pm
3:15 pm
4:00 pm
4:45 pm
5:15 pm
Each time slot will have 440 tickets available.  If you’d like to dine with your family and friends, we recommend that you coordinate the seating time and ticket pick up with your group.  You’ll need names and lot numbers when picking up your tickets.  You may want to have a back-up seating time just in case all the tickets for your first pick are gone.  Reminder:  Those Lot-owners who signed up for more than 5 spots per lot will be charged $10 for each additional ticket over 5, so make sure to bring a check or cash to pay for them.  
For those of you who didn’t sign up in time, a suggestion would be to check with your friends or neighbors who are registered to see if they have extra spots available that you could use.  
Also, with limited dining space, when your group is done eating and you wish to spend more time visiting, we ask that you bring your lawn chairs and sit in the Commons to visit. 
Lastly, where can I pick-up my tickets?    Tickets will be available for pick-up on:
Saturday, June 22, 2024, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm in the Adult Lounge

Saturday, June 29, 2024, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm in the Great Hall
Additional Pick-up dates and times are being planned and will be communicated via the Weekender, PV Website and Facebook pages

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