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Pathfinder Village - St. Croix is a private owner’s association, dedicated to the excellence in the variety of activities for its owners, their guests and the other visitors; in maintaining a sound business operation; in encouraging respect for all people; and in fostering a positive relationship with our environment. This website was developed to serve as an informative resource for our owner’s and guests. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
Dear Pathfinder Village HOA Member,
This is a very difficult, stressful, scary and frustrating time. It has created an unprecedented challenge for all of us and we need to remember to focus on the enemy, and that’s the virus. Italy moved incrementally by banning human interaction when battling the virus and the country’s death count continues to rise. This is going to take a matter of months, not weeks and we don’t want Pathfinder Village to become a hot spot. In addition, we need to do everything we can to help move out the infection rate, slow it down, and not overwhelm our health care system. How well we are able to do this depends on how willing we are to sacrifice individual conveniences and our desire to save the lives of others and increase their chance of survival. To prevent this from happening we need to incorporate extreme measures which will require extraordinary levels of trust and cooperation from everyone. Please note: if we are able to cancel or shorten the time frame for the changes below we will but for now the following plan is being put in place at Pathfinder Village, effective immediately:
Pathfinder Village Plan
· Water turn-on: We all know what an exciting time it is for everyone when water is turned on at Pathfinder Village. Everyone looks forward to being able to come to the Park, clean their camper and site, and get ready for summer. We appreciate what a huge sacrifice it will be for everyone by delaying this event. The date water will be turned on will be dependent on the course of the pandemic, return of seasonal employees to assist with the water turn on process, and any extended orders from the Governor of Minnesota. The fire ban will be extended until water is turned on.
· The Recreational Areas and Common Areas of Pathfinder Village are closed. These areas include the Pool, Mini Golf, Great Hall, Grill, Store, Clubhouse, Adult Lounge, Golf Clubhouse, Golf Course, Rally, and Playgrounds.
· The Park Office, Administration Office, Golf Maintenance Office, and the Maintenance Office will be open to employees only.
· The Laundry facility and Bathhouses are closed.
· The Election and Annual Meeting has been postponed and will be rescheduled as soon as possible.
· Activities – all recreational activities Memorial Day Weekend and the weekends in May and June have been postponed. This includes the fireworks show, the Dweebs Band, garage sale, craft fair, bingo, roller skating, crafts, safety class, and all related activities. (Our hope is to reschedule some of the events for the weekends in September).
· Golf Carts stored in the Great Hall - removing them from the Great Hall has been delayed until after the water is turned on. If you have a golf cart in storage you will be notified of the new date once the date to turn on water has been determined.
· Only work orders pertaining to emergency repairs will be processed (electrical, water etc.)
· All permits have been put on hold. No new permits will be processed. Any building done without a permit will be subject to a $1000.00 fine.
· All guest site camping reservations are being cancelled through the end of June (and possibly longer if needed). A credit will be placed on the account of the Association Member who made the reservation.
· Seasonal staff will not be hired until a date has been determined for when the Recreational areas and Commercial Centers are able to open.
· Tabs will not expire until further notice.
· Sand Point well removal deadline has been extended until further notice.
· All Common Areas of Pathfinder Village are closed. Guests are limited to immediate family members only. No extra camping units will be allowed on any lots. Contractors are not allowed in the Park unless it is an emergency.
How long this will last is like asking a Firefighter when you can move back in when your house is still on fire. Although we may get the all-clear at some point, it doesn't mean PV will be able to get back to "normal" immediately. It will take time for staff to return, we may have to find new staff, get the Commercial Centers up and running, and it will definitely take time for us to get back to "normal." Please be patient with us when this does happen. Thank you.
Your Association Board of Directors takes the health and protection of you, your family, friends and our staff very seriously.
Our goal is to keep our Park as healthy and safe as possible. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Administration Office or email your Board of Directors at Updates and changes will be posted on the Announcements section of the Webpage.
How bad this Pandemic gets depends on the actions we take today and in the immediate future. As the Governor said, “Doing nothing is not an option”. We need to work through this Pandemic as a Pathfinder family and team. We’re in this together and staying home can save lives.